The Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs (MCA) seeks to support and advocate for U.S. students of color, international students, and the children of missionaries ("third culture kids") in the academic, spiritual, and social aspects of their lives. We want all students to have a positive and successful experience at NNU.

Our desire is that each student experience academic success, spiritual growth, make new friends, and become more of the person God wants them to be and what they want to be.

MCA strives to increase awareness, cooperation, and understanding concerning ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity on campus and in local communities.

Everyone is welcome to use our resources—videos, books, periodicals, and diversity training materials. Requests for tailor-made diversity training and speakers may be made to the office.

All NNU students are invited to participate in the MultiCultural and International Students Clubs, NNU and community presentations, panel discussions, chapel or convocation presentations, and other activities and events held throughout the year.

Office Location

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is located on campus in the Student Center.

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Community Resources

Many cultural events are held throughout the year in the Treasure Valley. Local museums include the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, the Idaho Black History Museum, the Idaho Historical Museum and the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial.

Our primary goal is to be an advocate for Multi-Cultural students by assisting them academically, spiritually, and socially. We're committed to helping students access the appropriate resources and plan activities, whether it be on-campus or in the community. It's our desire that all students have a positive and successful experience while attending NNU and we will do everything possible to make this a reality for Multi-Cultural students.

Multicultural Office & NNU Events

  • Beloved Community - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
  • African American Gospel Music Workshop
  • Cinco de Mayo Celebration
  • Mix-It-Up @ Lunch Day
  • Films
  • Community Events and much more